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The Importance of Pictures…Together | 2013 in Pictures (365 Photo Project)


The Importance of Pictures…Together
{Day 3 of 365}

My brother. My best friend.

Kindred spirits.

I have many wonderful memories of him, but this is the only picture of us together.

This picture is priceless. He has been gone for almost 20 years now, and we do not have anymore opportunities to take pictures together again. This is it.

Never, ever, ever, ever pass up an opportunity to take pictures with someone you love. Never. Ever. Ever.

And if you want to know how many is too many to have, there is no such thing as too many. You will never regret a picture taken, only the ones you didn’t.

This year make taking more pictures together a priority.


The Things That Matter | 2013 in Pictures (365 Photo Project)

The Things That Matter
{Day 2 of 365}

The heart and soul of  of that with which we surround ourselves.

The print in this image is a picture that my son took on a day that we made a beautiful memory traveling to the beach together to take pictures.  The things that matter.

Does your home tell the story of who you are?


He Makes My Heart So Happy | 2013 in Pictures (365 Photo Project)

He makes my heart so happy. ♥

Day 1 of 365

Dinner + Movie (Guilt Trip) + My Son = The Perfect Way to Start the Year


I Am So Completely Intoxicated by You

Oh, how I have missed you. If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Note: The background in the shown art was designed and painted by Simply Topaz for Wonderfully Made Fine Art. Text was added digitally for the final digital print.



Collard Chips and Kale Chips

Collard Chips

Kale Chips

I had seen the kale chips everywhere, so I tried them and fell in love with them.

My dad was born in the 20s and loved to cook. He didn’t follow the typical male. He cooked and helped with the kids. I feel very blessed. One of the things he loved to do when he cooked was to try new recipes. After I married and moved out, he was always calling me and telling me about something new he was trying. I loved that, and I miss it. So after trying the kale chips, I felt compelled to try collards since they are also very good for you. It was also AMAZINGLY yummy! I think my dad would be proud.

This could not be any easier, and it’s so yummy!

Here’s what I do…

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

Put kale or collards in a plastic bag with enough canola oil to slightly wet it.

Put on a sprayed pan. Lightly srinkle with seasoned salt, garlic powder, and pepper.

I always keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water (50/50) and use it to spray all my vegetables for juicing. Oh, who am I kidding. I use it for cleaning. It’s great for everything. So I spritzed the kale with a little of this. I love just a tad of vinegar on my grean leafy vegetables.

If you are cooking both, do them in separate pans. As the collards need to cook just a bit longer.

Kale: 20-25 minutes
Collards: 25-30 minutes (stirring once or twice)

I find the kale gets bitter if cooked too long, but the collards are more forgiving and you can definitely get a little more crunch going on with them without sacrificing taste. Everyone’s oven and tasting is a little different, so I advise watching and tasting until you get it to your liking.

These are both really good. If I HAD to choose between them, I would probably choose the collard chips, but you can’t go wrong with either of these.


In my life…

In all our days, in all our ways, the people and things with which we surround ourselves should matter the most to us. Live life on purpose, paying careful attention what you include in your life…make sure it’s the important things.


At the End of the Day | Fun and Easy Photography Project for Your Home

This follows the three purpose rule: For an item to pass, it must serve at least three different purposes.

It can be used for cooking.
It can be used for drinking.
It makes a great photographic subject.

Photography Project Idea:
Take a picture of something in your home and print it to hang on your wall.

Imagine how well this image would go on the wall in the same kitchen were it was taken. This is a great idea for any room, but it especially works for the kitchen! Oh, the possibilities! Yummy!

Note: One very important thing that you will want to know when doing this is how big can you go and still get a good quality image. Bear in mind that the quality of the image itself also matters. A poor quality image will not look good blown up. An in focus and sharp image will do much better. Here are a couple of links to help you figure out just how big you can go with your image.

West Coast Imaging

Thom Hogan

{2012} | phoneography


Angels Unaware | 2012 in Pictures Photography Project

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 12:2

{March 2012} | iphone


Oh, Happy Day

Oh, how long I have waited for this…my first iphone! I have had it for about a week now and love it even more than I thought I would! I’ve been told that it will get old after a while. That may be true, but I sure am going to enjoy this stage of our romance while it lasts.

This is going to make keeping up with taking pictures for my photography project much easier! My goal for 2012 was 100-300 pictures. I think I did that many last week. Okay, I’m done. No, I’m just getting started. I might even get brave and do one of the picture a day projects next year!